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Joining Recruitment Status: Open

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***WARNING: Failure to follow ALL of the instructions on this page will result in your application being declined***

How to apply
The first step to applying is to read About Us. Make sure we're a guild you would actually want to be in. If you are still interested in joining Juggernaut and think you are the type of player we are looking for after carefully reading about us, you need to meet the following requirements:
  • All of your character's gear must be fully and correctly enchanted/gemmed
  • You must have a registered account on our forums for contact purposes
  • You must have the ability to log onto and speak on Ventrilo
  • You must have the ability and desire to maintain at least 90% raid attendance for the duration of your trial period
  • You must have the ability and desire to maintain roughly 80% raid attendance as a full member if your trial period is successful

These requirements are non-negotiable. If you post an application and fail to meet all of these requirements you will be declined.

Application Information
  • We receive quite a few applications. As such, it can take some time for us to respond to each applicant. Please be patient and refrain from pestering us in-game. We respond to all applicants via private message on these forums. Whether we are declining your application, putting your application on hold, or accepting your application, we will respond to you. It can take multiple days or even weeks, but you will get a response. Keep an eye on your PM's and be patient. If you bother us in-game we will most likely ignore your tell completely, and it will reflect very poorly on your application as a whole.
  • If you tend to log out in your pvp gear/spec you will need to provide a listing of your normal pve gear/spec in your application. Your gear and talent spec are both important factors in determining the success of your application. If we can't figure out which pve gear and talent spec you're currently using for raids in a reasonable amount of time, you will be declined.
  • If you write like an idiot, people are going to assume that you are an idiot. We don't know you. Take your time while filling out an application. Use proper grammar and make sure you provide as much information as possible. If your application looks terrible, we're going to assume you are terrible. Even if you're wearing the best gear in the game. Even if you have tons of raiding experience. Even if you're Jesus Christ in real life. We don't know you. 99% of the applications we receive are declined out of hand due to bad grammar and/or lack of information. Do yourself a favor and take your time. This cannot be stressed enough.

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